Saturday, November 28, 2009

Childhood Memoires – Part 2

Continued from Childhood Memoirs - Part I

~ There was a pond close to our house, and it had several plants, including trees, in and around it. During Autumn time, it’d be filled with all sorts of leaves, but in Spring time, it’d be all green, so green you couldn’t tell it’s a pond; it looked JUST like a “chaman,” all green and stuff. One day, my relatives were over from another village, and I took some of my cousins to the pond… and the scenery was breathtaking. The whoooooooole pond looked like it was all sheen kabal and you could sit and relax in it. So I told a cousin of mine to jump in it :D:D:D And, mind you, the pond was deep too :O He must have jumped in it because I remember laughing my head off. hah.

(Seriously, that was just cruel. I think they should have a sign there that says “Jawarey uba! Daa kabal na dey; da lobo da para na dey. Mehrabani wakai ao laree te osai!” or something like that.)

~ ALLLLLL the kanzal (profane words/phrases) I know today, I learned from a group of boys who used to play tikaan/marbles near my aunt’s house in this area we called kandar.

~ This one is REALLY bad, and I feel horrible about it today and have repented numerous times and have even repaid the family, but the guilt won't go away: You see, I hated the poor children in my neighborhood because my mother would sometimes take my most favorite clothes and shoes and other stuff and give them to the kids! I’d cry and beg for them to remain mine, and mom would say, “Daa maa manalee dee. Wass ye za da Khwdey na sanga wapas rawakhlam, lewanai.” And I’d cry for hours and hours and hours… and take my anger out on the children who’d then wear those clothes!! One of the girls, I used to pinch her like hell. Like this one time, she was trying to close the door to this house, and I was standing behind the door and as I saw her hand on it while the door was closing, I held her hand and pinched it soooooo hard. She started crying but silently so that no one heard. Her mom had climbed the wall of her house and was seeing me do this. She said, “Zrra de khwashala sho?”

I showed absolutely NO remorse at that time :S (And, Gosh! That family loved me so much. When that woman got a daughter, she said to me, “I was going to name her after you but then I thought your family might mind.” I was about 10 years old, and I thought, “But why would they mind it? It’s not like I’m the only person with this name, or that this name belongs only to me.”
And I still don’t know why some people should take it as an offense if someone’s named after them. Why is it considered a bad thing? . . .)


~ Umm… I hate doing khatmuna and stuff for anyone for any reason! :S On Fridays, the first 30 minutes of our Quran class would be spent doing khatmuna because some family would always send a request to our teacher to make us do khatam on their behalf! So our teacher would use us for it (I was the littlest and youngest student in this group of girls, whose ages ranged from maybe 15 to maybe 35; we were the “advanced” group learning translation, not recitation, of the Quran. And so we were supposed to be able to handle khatmuna pretty much every Friday while the other students didn't have to.). So!!! You know what I’d do?! To resist it, I’d either go like rrrrrrreally late, or then once I’d reach there and start the khatam, I’d cheat soo much… Oh man, how I cheated! I’d pretend to be reading it, but in reality, I’d just be moving my lips really fast and turning pages every now and then and rocking my body back and forth. God. It was totally normal.

Whaaaaaaat!! I was a KID! NO ONE should torture little children with so much burden as having them finish a whole sipaara of the Quran in one setting! Or reading Surah Yaseen ten times in one setting – not when they’re like seven or eight years old, kha huo! So unfair. I actually used to feel really bad cheating, and I’d worry that if the person’s wish didn’t come true, it must be my fault. So to compensate for it, I’d cry to God to fulfill the purpose of the khatam even though I’d cheated on it because I don’t wanna go to hell for it (Oh! The pressures they put on sweet innocent children! May they be forgiven for it!)

I now wonder if anyone else did/does the same! I’m SO never asking anyone to do khatmuna for me. Never. Please, let me ask my God myself what I need from Him.

~ My other favoritest memory: When this ghwaai/bull took my younger sister in its khkaraan/horns and lifted her into the sky and dropped her to the ground. :D I think she hit an apple tree, though something tells me she was stuck in the tree until my grandpa rescued her. But I’m not sure.
So, yeah :D That was fun :D (But at that time, my mom wasn’t present, so I was really, REALLY sad for my sister and even cried with her for her pain. But now … yeah, we laugh about it :D)

~ My Quran teacher had a niece named … Mumlikat? Malkiyat? One of these. (‘s been ten years since I last heard or used these names. My God.) I think it was Malkiyat. Anyway, so she was my friend. Now, I hated and still hate fighting people, but sometimes … people just compel you, you see!! This Malkiyat girl and I started a fight while in the (Quran) class one day, and since I had a rrrrreally good reputation there, I couldn’t ruin it by fighting with the teacher’s niece, kana. So I told her to let’s continue it once class is over at such and such place (the place I told her was, um, far from her house, of course, so that her aunt would never come to know about it, lol). Daaaaamn, man, I tell you! When we had that fight, it was good. I pulled her hair SO hard some strands literally came off, and I punched her eye so hard she cried. And when she started crying, I ran away and went home. The next day, Thursday, we didn’t have class, so on Friday, I was scared to death, thinking that she must have told her family and all and I’ll be punished for it. No one seemed to have known about it :D

P.S. I still do this to people who fight with me. Just a little warning. ;) Men’s/boys’ short hair makes it all the more not only fun but painful as well!

Ahhhh!! Such sweetness from childhood! There are many more, of course, but I should stop here, no? :) There were bad ones, too, though ~cries loudly~ Like that time when my 1st and 2nd grades teacher had me and this classmate of mine (my opponent) slap each other while he just sat there and enjoyed it :S I have no bloody idea why he bloody had us do such a bloody thing like that!! He apparently got pleasure from it! It wasn’t rare that he’d force us to slap each other for hours until we’d start crying and just fall to the floor, begging him to let us stop! When we’d cry, he’d say, “What?!? hahahahha! You’re scared of each other! Such cowards you are!” When we’d stop, he’d say, “Do you want ME to hit you? No, I’m sure you don’t because you know I won’t spare you. Then don’t stop.” When we’d take a break, he’d say, “HURRY! HURRY! Shaabase! No taking breaks, you chickens!” And so we’d continue until we just couldn’t anymore, changing hands every now and then!

This teacher’s name was Asadullah, and I THINK he was from Sirsinrai! Someone, please make him suffer for what he did!!! :@ Or then I hope he was BUTCHERED by the Taliban!!!! Unless he sincerely regretted what he did and spent his life begging God to forgive him for it!!!

The classmate’s name was/is Ayaz Ahmad, and he was/is from Dadahara. One brilliant guy he was. His father and I were SUCH good friends! :D He adored me for no apparent reason. Once took me, my sister, and my brother along with Ayaz and his siblings and cousins to the riverside, near their house (Dadahara has so much water, nazara na shee), and we had this awesome picnic there. We swam and fished and ate and talked and enjoyed – until it was time for my Quran class. The teacher used to take money from you if you ever missed a day, and so I didn’t wanna miss any!


~ Ohhh wait! :D Lemme add how this one time ... :D:D:D I fell off this swing :O (I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE swinging.) My father had, um, tied(?) it. I don't know the English word for it, but in Pukhto, it'd be "taal zaangawal," I think. And it was there for several years until it fell off at last! Then after that, we sisters and cousins would try to "tie" it to the ceiling ourselves, and it was never as stable as it oriignally had been. One day, I was swinging on it, and my sisters were pushing me. I was going SO high that I could see my cousins and aunts faaaaaar below my house. We were on the second floor, and they were far away and on the first floor. And my cousins had all come out to see me swinging so high and I was being all brave and stuff and was waving at them. And then ... BOOM!! I fell!!!!! After a few seconds when they didn't see me anymore, they all ran to my house and said, "DID SHE FALL? DID SHE FALL???" hahahahha ... and I was hiding in the room, lol. I swear I got lucky, man, because I tell you, I could've so easily fallen down to the first floor and broken every bone in my body. But I didn't -- da khwdey loy shukar dey!


  1. Khory Qrratugai - I've enjoyed reading your two part memoirs - you've certainly got that 'qrratugai' chatty style of writing and you manage to draw the reader in to your thoughts and conversations.

    "This teacher’s name was Asadullah, and I THINK he was from Sirsinrai! Someone, please make him suffer for what he did!!! :@ Or then I hope he was BUTCHERED by the Taliban!!!!"

    The slapping game was cruel, but then so many practices in Swat are. This is more of a comment on the social situation than the teacher maybe, though without doubt, he was wrong. Education therefore, for front-line teachers, is the key.

    When you write "I hope he was BUTCHERED by the Taliban!!!!" perhaps you say that in jest, but I hope that you don't mean it. The cruelty of the Taliban came out of the very people like your teacher - they just took it to the next level of abuse. Swat, was in its own way, already affected. Ugora - da Talibano na makhkee ustaadan wal. It's simple - first teacher (ustad/mu'alim) then student(talib/shagird). A society reaps what it sows.

    Poor is the day when these ill informed students stand up and take over as if they completely have the monopoly on all things correct. The impoverished state of schools in Afghanistan and Pakhtunkhwa - the vacuum created by the absence of good quality schooling led to a gap that gave rise to the problem that became the Taliban methodolody/ideology.

    I hope you don't mind my comments.

  2. Mind your comments? C'mon, Tor Khan wror! Never :)
    It is much appreciated, in fact. Staso dera manana for dropping by and sharing your thoughts with us.

    And, yes, of course I was just kidding about the hope that the Taliban have punished that teacher, lol. I mean, we say things like that all the time, but we know that if it really happeened, we'd be really upset, madly distressed.

    Staso dera manana for your comment, Tor Khan! Allah mo khushala ao abaad saatai, aameen.

  3. @Qrratugai~Pa dher ehtiraam, yaw kho mo marrey dasey topic warkarrey che khudai shta one can just write on and on and on.....its really hard for a person like me to comprehend the memoirs of ones sweet 'Childhood' :)
    Kho kome khabarey che taso likalee tol warsara itefaaq kawoo zaka che zama pa khyal her banda ta pakey khpal da warrokwalee aks khkaree :)[staso hagha kho kher dher sa bal mangey dae, mung kho dher sharipanan woo kidding]

    Tor Khan wrora pakheroono!

    @Tor Khan:"I hope he was BUTCHERED by the Taliban!!!!" perhaps you say that in jest, but I hope that you don't mean it".

    Hahaha.......Although Qrratugai made her explanation in response to the above comment but the thing is; being from that area which was a hot-bed of those 'zealots', she has somehow fond of that BUTCHERING :); in one of the comments section she even had a sword ready beside her in response to Spogmai's and mine be careful :)
    (Gup lagome Qrratugai gwarey)

  4. LOL! Hey, hey, heeey ... I'm a very peacful girl, kha huo, Khugmanda, lol. :P
    Tor Khana, don't believe him :D

  5. Quoting Qrratugai: "LOL! Hey, hey, heeey ... I'm a very peacful girl, kha"
    Wo wo you are a very peaceful girl, oss da bala khabara da che har kala za sta sara khabarey kom no awal da zaan na three times ayat-ul-kursi tao krram. Na seriously! lolz

    Great memoirs kho you inadvertently (?) left the part che pa kuso (alleys) ke ba de hagha skha skha keerona khwarral. lolz
    There are, of course, great variations in people's capacity to remember consciously their early childhood. My own, I fear, falls at the weaker end of the spectrum. I, in any case, see only dimly and uncertainly--too uncertainly to permit of confident judgments--the thin, frail, tense, introverted Sangotian student whose physical frame and reflexes I know myself to have inherited. And when I move still further into the past, I arrive at the small child, the resources of memory fail altogether. My behavior knew two moods: awkward aloofness and bubbling enthusiasm. I was afflicted from the start by a quality that has pursued me all my life: namely, of being the slowest and last to learn the ropes in any complicated structure. Too shy to ask, I never found out. I went through Sangota as an innocent, always at the end of every line, always uninitiated, knowing few, known by few. Personal failings--pride, oversensitivity, a sullen refusal to be comforted, an insistence on knowing and experiencing the worst in order to be the more deserving of symphathy, at least in my own eyes--added to the discomfort.
    I knew none of my teachers well. None, that I can recall, left any particular ideological imprint on me. But there were some I greatly respected for their intellectual power and integrity. The images of these have remained firmly in my memory and have found their place, as such images often do, in the subtle web of admiration and attempted emulation out of which personality is formed.
    Literature I loved, and the understanding persistence of my teachers had given me a fair background in the English classics. For music I had a natural inclination, and I had picked up a bit about it on the side.
    What I had most keenly missed in my entire life was the stimulus, and steadying effect till I met Qrratugai and who is determine to make a real scholar out of a numskull. lolz

  6. ~stares in awe ... still staring after hours and hours of reading that~
    Wa zama morey! Masha-Allah Subhanahu wa ta'aala for such a reply, Spongmai!

    And, hey, hey, hey ... those keeruna were REALLY good, kha huo. That was THE best part of Eid :D Do you know how to make it? If so, please ... either send me the recipe or then show me some time. Or SOMETHING. 'Cause I still love keer. My sister makes it, but it's just not the same ... not the same at all. This one's like all maidakarri wrijey ~shakes head in sadness, missing the REAL keer~

    Hey, you know what? I was actually VERY quiet in school, lol. I always wondered if other students were like that, too -- extreeeeeeemely talkative at home and then complete opposite of that in school! Everyone thought I was SUCH a sharpia janai, when I SO wasn't, lol.

    Now, though, I'm more talkative at school than I am at home, lol.

  7. @Qrratugai:"~stares in awe ... still staring after hours and hours of reading that~

    Taso kho 'staring' aw za kho ~bekhee behosha~ :).....Wowwww!
    Great recollection of those fond memories and I can catch the glimpses of my own childhood among those lines; that shyness, that aloofness, that uninitation, that sensitivity......marro da mo sa topic cherralae. Zaka kho hagha shair welee:

    Yaad-e-mazee azaab hay ya Rab
    Cheen ley muj se hafiza mera!

    @Qrratugai:"......either send me the recipe or then show me some time."

    I guess it had a very simple recipe (that what I know from my memories :)), the main ingredient I guess was that 'maida' from the kalee 'attai' I remember used to cook it on 'da barana pa wraz' in order to sell it in our 'kussa' (alley); at the end nobody would buy it and we would eat the whole 'da keer hagha dakka manjma' ourselves.....lolz.....ka sanga??
    (I sometimes see kids here, especially during summer, sitting in front of their houses selling juice or other stuff and it just remind me of what we used to do :))

  8. The wave of nostalgic romanticism triggered by Qratugai is circling wide in its radius as it is literally felt by the reader. She has thrown a stone into the calm ocean of your memoirs which is generating infinite transverse wave circumscribing your life.

    It might shock you but it is a fact that in the unconscious mind the past present and future are one integral whole. We seem to live in the present ,anticipate future and claim to have experienced past but the truth is far from being perceived by this simple notion.

    Einstein told us that time is relative and that if we move with different velocities time will be different for us such that the faster you move the more dilated the time will become till it stops when you move with the speed of light. The mystics claimed to exist at different times and different places in different forms and in different states as Rahman baba has put it by saying. Che pa yaw qadam arsha poray rasee …ma ledalay dey raftaar da darweshaano.

    Minskowski told us that time is the fourth dimension of life. There is no existence without time.Max Planck, De Broglie and Heisenberg told us that existence which is considered to be a function of time is just a probability. An Urdu poet says it in the verse: Daboya mujh ko honay nay…na hota may to kia hota…[an ingenious expression of existentialism by Ghalib].

    Stephen Hawkings told us how we can manipulate time and past, present and future to exit to another part of the universe in a quantum leap using the concept of worm holes - an idea which was previously presented by H.G.Wells in other words in his Time Machine concept. The modern "theory of Everything" explained the unity in the universe which was previously established by the Grand Unification theory [GUT] by Abdus Salam on physical level and by Sigmund Frued on psychological level.

    I do not recall my memoirs as I don’t know whether they are my past, present or future. I would like to proactively engineer my future into events and translate my wishes to be my future instead of recalling my past memoirs. How is this idea for a change??

  9. What a beautiful philosophy, Pir Rokhana!
    LOL @ "I would like to proactively engineer my future into events and translate my wishes to be my future instead of recalling my past memoirs."

    Suuuure, by all means! You're welcome to engineer your future into events as much as you'd like, while I do the same AAAAAAAAAAAND sit here and reflect upon those events of my "past" that led me to engineer my future that is today :D
    (Wait, what? I don't know what I just wrote.)

  10. @Qrratugai~Tell our philosopher buddy that an individual, without the memory of the past and present has problems of orientations in the present and the future. lolz

  11. Alaaaaaaaa! What's with people being all technical and philosophical these days ~cries~

    Rokhan Baba, dessi chal dey, kana, che an individual, without the memory of the past and present has problems of orientations in the present and the future.

    :) Poha shwe? Because I don't, lol.

  12. Qratugai !! Tell our Literary buddy that Orientation is the hallucination of the Oriental folks whose life has reduced to a folklore in the modern world.The occident has long said good bye to it.It is due to this reason that Orient has good memorizers [theologically called "Hafiz"] and the occident has more realisers of dreams.Jumping to conclusions on unknown and presumed premises is not going to help us achieve what we intend to strive for.

  13. Qrratugai janey, your Literary friend is not blind to the fact that your friend’s integrity in the performance of his duties is monumental and unchallengeable and that your Literary friend may lack the perspicacity and wisdom of your philosopher friend kho at the risk of offense, she does not let her mind to be influenced by confused minds of some melancholic occidental philosophers who in their melancholy progress from God forgetfulness to self-forgetting, lost their moorings.

  14. Janga janga tor sha, ka na torege sorr sha!! ~rubbing nails together~
    (Is that what we used to say back in the day?)
    Gosh, warrho! Dessi chal dey, kana, che please pass me your intellectual and scholarlary/academic style of writing, or at least teach me how to write like that, because I need to learn that style instead of the "journalistic" I'm used to writing in.

    Manana in advance. ~rolling eyes~

  15. Qrratugai!! The conflict of ideas is a means of intellectual evolution if it remains within the limits of using the weapons of argumentation and reasoning.Tell your literary friend that she shoud give the devil its due ,by acknowledging the fact that those melancholic minds did contribute to the evolution of human thought which resulted in the revolution of human actions ,contrary to the "God-fearing" orientalists who were lost in the "ghamza o ishwa o ada" [the feministic charm of their otherworldly non-existent beloved] however with the progress of science and technology ,philosophy has come to an end and ,contrary to the prediction of samuel huttington,who believes in the class of civlisation,science has brought the war of creativity and innovation vis a vis conservatism and stagnation into the picture which is a total paradigm shift in human life.Moroever may dare to opine that there is no offence in reasoning as reason is the only defence we human beings have against the djins of our internal instinctual desires as well as the external ecological disasters and catastrophies.Tell your literary friend that till our metabolic discontinuity [which is called death by most ofthe people] we need to fight against the forces of irrationality as it is the catalyst which puts an end to the evolution of humanity. Shalom from the Jew of Khyber - Pir Rokhan

  16. Hmmmm.......interesting stuff!

    @Qrratugai:"....Do you know how to make it? So please....."
    LOL!....Gorra, Spogmai didn't tell you about the recipe :)....hagha ba ye zama pa khyal uss hum kala na kala khwree and won't let you have that great tasty stuff....lolz

  17. Khugmanda, wo! She "forgot" to give me the recipe! Will ask her again, and if she doesn't give it still, bya ba ye raata charta darogh wey che recipe warsara shta :O

    Jew of Khyber, LOL ... Rokhana kho!

  18. @Qrratugai:"......Will ask her again...."

    Rata khkaree che sabar darna onasho aw da keer pa recipe pasey pa khpala Swat ta taley yai :)

  19. LOL ... Na, marra. Computer me kaar na kai nan saba :S Wass me pa lab ke prekhaudo che sam ye kee raala. It's hell without it, I tell you!

  20. Qrratugai, Your Logical Friend, who is now rejoicing under the name of the “Jew of Khyber” should know that the devil has already received a fair share of the due when learned men like him had fallen into the same idolatry of ‘progress’ into which the occidental world fell after it reduced religion to a mere melodious tinkling somewhere in the background. Furthermore, tell him that the metabolic discontinuity has filled the mind of your Literary Friend with grief but nonetheless she is profoundly imbued with the sense of the importance of the continuation of this discussion. So, without primarily and scholarly attitude, first your Literary Friend would like to embark on her understanding of the major world views: the religious, the materialistic, and the Islamic. She understands that all variety of ideologies, philosophies, and teachings from the oldest time up to now can be reduced to one of these three basic world views. The first (Christianity) takes as its starting point with the existence of the spirit, the second (materialism) the existence of matter, and the third (Islamic) the simultaneous existence of spirit and matter. So, if only matter exists, then materialism would be the only consequent philosophy. On the contrary, if the spirit exists, then man also exists, and man’s life would be senseless without a kind of religion and morality. Islam is the name for the unity of spirit and matter, the highest form of which is man himself. Therefore, the human life is complete only if it includes both the physical and the spiritual desires of the human being. So, all man’s failures are either because of the religious denial of man’s biological needs or the materialistic denial of man’s spiritual desires. Keeping in mind the main point, the Occidental evolution of thought, which, your Friend seems so impressed with has no doubt resulted in daring experiments in science, in music and medical field, arts, industry, and technology as well as revolutionary inquiries into the morphology of culture, but hand-in-hand with this forced optimism went a spiritual emptiness, a vague, cynical relativism born out of increasing hopelessness with regard to the future of man. Your Philosopher Friend fails to discern how confused and unhappy man has become; how little there is of real ‘communion’ between man and man despite all the strident, almost hysterical, insistence on “community” and “nation.” Not that material improvement seems to be wrong or even unnecessary; with sterling honesty, your Literary Friend regards it as good and necessary but at the same time she is convinced that it could never achieve its end – to increase the sum total of human happiness – unless it were accompanied by a reorientation of our spiritual attitude and a faith in absolute values which only Islam gives. Your Literary Friend, even though not totally herself nowadays, cannot help prevent her smile at the naïve assumption that life could be lifted out of its present confusion and bettered if only its outward – economic or political – conditions are bettered. I am not able to evince within myself that enthusiasm which your friend, The Jew of Khyber has for ‘progress.’

  21. @Khugman & Qrratugai~O.k here goes the recipe for keer:
    Dasey kar ba wakai kana che 3/4 cup of rice ba over-night pa water ke khustey kai...bya ba rice, 4 lachee plus TWO glass water la pa grinder/juice 3-4 rounds warkai. No more than 3-4 rounds unless you want rice juice!
    Bya ba dagha rice pa 2 liter milk ke pa oor kedai che kala boiling point ta warasee no make sure che oor der narey kai and don't forget continuously half teaspon rose water adds to the taste and smell...after 45 minutes keer ba tayyar wee....make sure che der teeng na shee. Enjoy
    Oh forget to mention speen-karree almonds lol (leaving almonds in hot water for about 15 minutes makes peeling easier)

  22. @Spogmai:"Your Literary Friend, even though not totally herself nowadays, cannot help prevent her smile at the naïve assumption that life could be lifted out of its present confusion and bettered if only its outward – economic or political – conditions are bettered".

    Wonderful!!......couldn't have been better summed up :)

    Aw da keer da recipe kho mo dasey da experts likaley, da Qrratugai zaka dher yadawo :)
    LOL @ "No more than 3-4 rounds unless you want rice juice!"...

  23. ALAAAAAAAAA!!! :D:D:D:D The kir recipe ye rala rakrra :D:D
    Marro, za che ye pa kor ke pakhom, hum daghase ye kom... but it doesn't taste the same way that the kir in Swat did! I want the kir in Swat, kana... Why doesn't mine taste like that then? :S

  24. @Qrratugai:"Marro, za che ye pa kor ke pakhom, hum daghase ye kom....but it doesn't taste the same way....."

    LOL......Spogmai already told you not to do more than 3-4 rounds in the grinder; you might be making that "rice-juice" she is referring to :)

  25. Qratugai, your so called philosopher friend, is not stunned at the masterpieces of your literary friend, who is the personification of matter and spirit in letter and spirit, but is getting scared by his own judgement and choice. He knows that he might be misunderstood not to differentiate between what is phenomenal from what is noumenal.Your literati-persona-grata might not know that he has long transformed his sight into insight without loosing the former and his soul into his mind without loosing the latter. There is a stage of evolution of self consciousness in one's life when humans are so happy to consciously believe and ecstatically relieve themselves about the duality of mind (spirit) and matter. These people are called the theist and the atheist in converse order.

    There is then a higher level of self consciousness when humans realise the fact that universe is based on the unification and unity and they surpass the duality of mind and matter. This has been arrived at in other disciplines already.Ibne Arabi from Arabs, Maulana Room from the Persians,Iqbal from the Brahmans,Rehman from Afghans and Saeen baba from the Dravidians knew this fact. In the modern age mysticism, which is considered as the highest form of self actualization has evolved into science. The mystics of the modern age are Quantum physicsts.The scientist who has proposed the "theory of everything " unifying micro and macro world into one which were previously represented by quantum and modern physics is the mystic of more higher calibre than Ibe Arabi.His theory is much more higher in substance and deep in essence than "Hama oost" or "wahdat ul wajood".Stepeh Hawkings is much more exalted in "Haal" [State of spiritual ecstasy] than Khaja Ghareeb Nawaz Gaiso daraz.

    Humanity is an integral whole and celebrating humanity is much higher than the political contradictions of orient and occident, capitalist and communist blocs, and Bipolar and Unipolar worlds. Duality is the dualism which was introduced by Christianity. If soul is anything it can not be anything other than energy of one or other sort and matter is nothing but a solid, liquid, gas or plasma form. However Modern Physics has proved that energy and matter are one and the same but having different forms and are even interconvertible.The centuries old debate of mind vs matter and ideal vs real has found its solution in the grand unification theory, quantum physics and theory of everything which talks about oneness of the universe.Ineterestingly enough the whole science of spirituality previously called mysticism has now transformed into the modern science of ESP ,which is studied under abnormal psychology and explores the causes and origins of abnormal/paranormal behaviour in the fathomless depths of that part of human mind (not brain) called unconscious.

  26. I hope my children dont ever end up doing selfish and deceiving things like you did as a child. hitting poor people because they wear your clothes?! What if you became poor and people donated to your children and then they got beat up for it by the other kids? thats just wrong I hope you dont instill this type of behavior in your kids if you have any

  27. Hi there, Fareda!
    Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

    Hmm... what a ridiculous thing to say! All kids do things that they grow up to regret or wonder why they were so selfish or mean to have done them. If that's all you got from this post, though, then I strongly suggest you re-read the entry, if you have read it fully at all, and see if you can read between the lines and figure out why a child would do such a thing to begin with.

    Thanks again for dropping by! :) I hope to see you around more often.

    - Qrratugai

  28. Mashahallah... deer khawand ye wakyy.. LOVE MY CHILDHOOD. Sumra sha wakhtona wal.

  29. Deeer sha khawand ye wakayy.. .. allah mo khushalah lara..

  30. oh maaan!! these two posts are my faovurite so far..although i didnt grow up in Swat but spent a few summer vacations there as a child. Of what I remember from my childhood trips to Swat is falling from the first floor when playing parpatoney (hide n seek) in my Deira (Guest Area). I wanted to hide outside the window on the ledge and in the process my foot slipped and fell in to da lakktey besides the road. The amazing thing was that other than mental trauma I didnt have a single scratch on my body. In the same week our mekha (buffalo) stepped on my younger brother after it finished fighting with our neihbours mekha and started running on the road and found younger bro in its way as he wasnt fast enough running in front of the mekha. Then everyone would say nazara shwaye. What memories, we still recall them and laugh over it.


Dare to opine :)

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