Saturday, May 17, 2014

On the Whole Geo "Blasphemy" and Veena Malik Ordeal

So, apparently, Veena Malik is in trouble again with Pakistan and Pakistanis. (Why does Pakistan keep embarrassing itself? STOP IT! I'm tired of being embarrassed for you, fatherland!)

Basically, a couple of days ago, a national Pakistani TV channel, Geo, aired a video of Veena Malik's wedding that that played a wedding song with this line: "Fatima marries Ali today." Fatima, of course, being Prophet Muhammad's daughter and Ali being Fatima's husband and the Prophet's cousin. Which too many Pakistanis found offensive and blasphemous because they think that Veena Malik is too impure, too immoral, too un-Islamic, etc. to deserve this kind of respect. Funny - hardly anyone I'm reading online is talking about how Asad, Veena's husband, doesn't deserve any comparison to Ali. It's always Veena who seems to be finding herself in trouble with Pakistanis every move she makes. k, anyway, so.)

And now the Sunni Ittehad has declared watching Geo haraam! OH MY GOD! The stupidity! The pity! The backwardness! The ignorance!

But you know, I think people are being a liiiittle too harsh on Pakistan and Pakistanis right now about this whole Veena Malik and blasphemy ordeal. And lots of people are like, why're Pakistanis being like this, does Pakistan have nothing serious to worry about, etc. And I'm like no, clearly not. I mean, think about it: Pakistan is the only country in the world that has absolutely no real problems whatsoever, like terrorism, ethnic/sectarian violence, genocide, and natural disasters and whatnot. So it makes perfect sense that Pakistanis would talk and worry about un-real issues like a certain song that was played at a certain wedding that was then played during a certain morning show on national tv - the wedding of a certain celebrity that most Pakistanis hate because of her lifestyle and the choices she's made in the past. Seriously, give my Poor-ass Pakistan a break.

Also, I have just come across this totally on-point about what constitutes blasphemy and what doesn't in Pakistan.
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  1. Dear this isn't about Veena malik and her purity nor any one has have any concern with them but with Geo.
    different channels are allergic due to rivalry, Establishment have their concerns which spark after hamid mir incident, Imran khan has tension with them due to election rigging or may be establishment is pushing him.
    Now religious parties and most of the nation due to this qawali incident.
    If it was played for any couple, people and I off course would have minded that why because I am not that pure or of that high stature as Ali Rz was, its respect and love for them and you know it better than me.
    Why they did that? Was it intentional or planted?
    To me its look like a planted one, why because they knew that we and our society as a whole is conservative and extremist one can't bear such thing then why now, well this link can provide a little clue, I have questions about this too but still makes a point

    they should be held accountable for this through court of law but not through the way the religious parties or other extremist desires.
    If Allah forgives after apologizing as Muhammad PBUH said, then who are we to still have a desire to involve them in blasphemes act, so one's apology should be accepted.
    points from defender, so over to you :-)

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Estranger!

      I think it's entirely about Veena Malik - in Pakistan, anything that regards Veena is always about her. There's something about her that insecure Pakistanis hate so much they always make sure to attach her and everything and everyone associated with her every chance they get because they have no other serious issues to worry about.

      I also don't think that it was planned. Veena is a huge celebrity. Geo chose to air her home wedding video (I'm sure with her permission) and I don't at all think it was to invite any attacks from the viewers and other insecure little people and insecure mullahs. Why would they risk such a thing if they knew this would happen?

    2. Was she the one who posed on FHM ? Perhaps because she had the ISI tattoo on it lol!

    3. Yeah! That's Veena Malik. She did posse for FHM and had that ISI tattoo on her arm. That, too, was controversial. In Pakistan, everything is controversial. Especially if it has to do with Veena.


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