Friday, May 30, 2014

Kashmala Singing "Let It Go" from the Movie Frozen

In case you don't know Kashmala, she's my now 4-year-old niece. I'm crazy about her in every way and have been writing about her since the seconds she was born (I was there during her birth - that's a funny story I'll share when I'm 52 years old, God willing).

She and I both LOVE the movie "Frozen." Naturally, our favorite character is Olaf, but Kashmala also admires Elsa, especially for her powers. (I won't mention that she also wishes she were Elsa because Elsa is beautiful, and as a feminist, I find that an appalling wish, so I'm currently trying to figure out how the heck to deal with that. But more on little girls wanting to be princesses and all another time.) She's always singing "Let It Go" everywhere we go, and people always find it adorable :) I don't blame them. The thing is, though, that when she's away from the camera, signing to herself and not to the camera, she dramatizes every line so impeccably, even almost faking a tear or so at "And it looks like, I'm the queen." But I'm proud of the following as well. God grant this girl a beautiful, happy, and safe life, aameen!

Enjoy! :)

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