Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kashmala Videos, Audios, and Pictures!

I promised in a previous post that I've been listening to recordings I made a couple of years ago of Kashmala's. It turns out that I've some of them on Youtube, so here goes. She loves telling stories, she loves attention (I don't think she does anymore, though), and she once upon a time loved having pictures taken of herself. Now she doesn't so much. I'm missing her a LOT these days, and I can't wait to see her, inshaAllah, in about 15 days or so :) She calls me several times a day, asking me to pleeeeease come. Also, she speaks more English now than she did a couple of years ago. When she was little, we tried not to speak English around her and not to let her speak English - Pashto only. But it's becoming harder and harder, so. Also, she was started to lose all sense of confidence in herself because she couldn't speak English when we didn't let her learn or speak any, and it started to make her feel small and little around other people, so we decided to teach her enough to have some confidence around other people.

 I haven't written about her in a while. I used to when she was younger. Now she has grown up, becoming so much more intelligent than she was even back then, and so much more clever! God bless her with strength, intelligence, and peace and happiness all her life, aameen! When I told her that I'm singing at the concert I told y'all about last week, and I told her that I'm singing Allaho sha Allaho, she was really angry. Here's how our convos went:

Kashmala: WHY WOULD YOU SING THAT SONG, SHANU??? [She calls me Shanu.]
Me: ... but, but, but ... but why not, janana? I love that song :(
Me, trying to correct her: That's the ugliest song I have ever heard.

... yeah, that's her yelling right there. Sighs. We have so much fun!

A couple of months ago, I got sick with flu. I told my mom on the phone that I got sick because I went out into the cold and didn't dress properly for the weather. Kashmala calls me a minute later and yells: "SHANU! WHY WOULD YOU GO OUT INTO THE COLD NOT DRESSED PROPERLY? WHASS WRONG WITH YOU? YOU WANTED TO KILL YOURSELF?"
Me: ... uhh, no ... I just --

I take her yelling in such moments as the intensity of her love for me, so <3 br="" hamdulillah=""> She leaves me voicemails like 10 times a day when I don't pick up the phone, and they all end with, "Okay, I love you, byyyye."

Anyway, so.

Here are the videos of hers. They're from at least 2 years ago. She's now 4 years old, mashaAllah. She knows she has fans :p She loves watching herself on my Youtube.

Video 1:

Description: In the first part, she sings her favorite song (Teri Meri Meri Teri Prem kahani hai mushkil); in the second part, she tells me a story about some baby, his mother, and a snake ... I tried to follow the story but couldn't for too long :p In the third part, she sings Teri Meri again. In the 4th part, she and I were talking on Skype, and I recorded her talking to me. She's asking me to talk, and I don't wanna talk because I don't want my voice to be included in the recording -- and she asks if I can't talk because I'm in class (common: she calls me while I'm abt to go to class, and so I tell her I can't talk, so she thinks I'm in class right now and that's why she asks, "khabare na kawaley she?"). And then in the last part again, she sings her song :)

Video 2: My favorite video of hers!!


Video 3: Random Clips! 

I've a  few other videos of hers on my Youtube channel. Feel free to check them out.

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