Saturday, December 28, 2013

So Veena Malik Marries a Pukhtun Man & Pukhtuns Go Berserk.

 The hottest totally pointless news emerging from Pakistan these days is Veena Malik's marriage to some Pashtun businessman named Asad Khattak. Pukhtuns on the internet have gone berserk, many of them ashamed of the Pukhtun who dared to marry a woman much of Pakistan has unanimously declared a "slut" (because she's a bold woman, you see - she once even stood up to a mullah! Don't you just love it when a female celebrity understands patriarchy and can counter it with intelligent remarks? Of course, though, she's far from perfect, like all of us: I've seen videos of hers participating as a judge in modeling shows in which she mocks the way women who are less light-skinned than herself look ... just because they're not light-skinned. She still buys into the whole "my skin color is whiter than yours, and so I'm better than you! In your dark-skinned face!" business, so no respect for her from me in that department.)

Anyway, the point is, Pukhtuns on the internet are all like 1) what a loser for marrying her! How dare he put us all to shame! 2) how are we gonna answer to the Punjabis now? Even the Punjabis didn't want her! We're so ashamed of this man! 3) Veena was a lost soul, in need of shelter and guidance, and she'll get that with this man; she just needs to remember that marriage takes compromise to work! 4) this marriage is gonna last 6 months at most... okay, give it 2 years. 5) Bravo to the only man brave enough to marry a woman as bold and strong as Veena! [This last remark has come from only one person I know, though. It's not the typical response.]

I think people holding the views expressed in points 1, 2, 3, and 4 are really shallow, stupid, backward, and insecure. I mean, seriously? You're sitting there *ashamed* of an individual for HIS own action just because of the crime of being born into a race he had no control over? These people are pathetic little losers. If your entire race is gonna be ashamed or disgraced or dishonored by the action of one or two individuals, your race has no grace or honor in the first place. Shame on you folks. Veena Malik and this Khattak guy had every right to marry each other if they wanted to, and no race, religion, and other man-made differences are powerful enough to come in the way of people's getting what they want and need. I hope and pray that this marriage lasts a lifetime and brings the couple much happiness, love, and peace, aameen. Go on with your own little lives and stop picking on other people's personal businesses - or are you so bored of yours that you need to mingle in others to find happiness? Pity.

Also, to those saying that Veena needed "shelter" - LOL. Oh my God. That's hilarious. Veena wouldn't be the bold, strong, independent woman we all respect her for if she turns out to let a (Pukhtun) man control her after all. May she find peace where she is and wherever she's meant to be. aameen. 

And to those saying marriage requires compromise to work - yes! Finally, we're learning this. Except, in our South Asian (and much of the rest of the world), "compromise" is just another word for a woman's giving up everything she believes in, stands for, owns and giving in to her husband's and in-laws' demands for her. Compromise in our cultures applies ONLY to the women/wives and is often akin with patience, which is akin with quietly accepting all forms of oppressive treatments--all forms of control included.

So, no. She doesn't need sheltering, she wasn't a lost soul, the man hasn't committed a mistake for marrying her, she doesn't need to settle down and repent about her past. And setting bets about how long the marriage is to last is seriously the saddest thing to be happening to *you*. Go read a book or do something good for those less fortunate than (even) you to feel a liiittle good about yourself.

Now go on with your sorry little lives, losers and haters. You all put humanity to shame.


  1. "Anyway, the point is, Pukhtuns on the internet are all like 1) what a loser for marrying her! How dare he put us all to shame! 2) how are we gonna answer to the Punjabis now? Even the Punjabis didn't want her! We're so ashamed of this man! "

    I can't believe there are still people in Pakistan(or more specifically KPK) that are against inter-ethnic/racial marriage, I mean this is the 21st century and Islam is a pro-miscegenation religion, all these ethno-nationalistic/supremacists need to know that there is NO such thing as a "pure race", if go far back, if we go far back we're all mixed to some degree.

    Anyways that being said, I think this guy made a big mistake(and even bigger if he didn't get a pre-nup), I give them 6 months.

    1. Oh, you'd be surprised at the kind of people we have in this world in this century! It's saddening.
      Thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts!


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