Friday, November 30, 2012

Question about Traveling throughout India, Pakistan, Afghanistan

I just got this question, and I don't know the answer to it. I'll appreciate any responses to it.
One source says I can't travel through pakistan. I will check other sources, but what do you know? Im charting a route from india through pakistan to afghanistan, if not there then pakistan to oman across gulf of oman. I can fly if I have to but would prefer to travel across land. Any thoughts? Peace
Any suggestions, references, ideas will be greatly appreciated and forwarded to the questioner.



  1. If someone has necessary documents, visas and permissions before hand, he can travel ffrom India on the route which is followed by the bus. For instance, if he/she is from Dehli, then they should cross Wahgah border utilizing the Amritsar bus route. From Wahga (Lahore) he can reach Pindi via GT raod coming thru Gujrawala, Gujrat,Jehlum, etc). From there he can reach to Peshawar by any transport service. Here he can arrange to enter Afghanistan after crossing Duranline to the nearest City Jalalabad.
    By the way, he can track his shortest route by traveling guides n Maps, readily available in google. Just to type How to reach city-1 from city-2 and so on. From

  2. One can cross Wagah border by foot coming from Delhi, Chandigarh and Amristar to enter in Lahore, Pakistan and then take daewoo bus service from Lahore to Peshawar and afterwards take a taxi from Peshawar till Torkham to enter Afghanistan and from Torkham border take a cab to travel Jalalabad (nearest) then Kabul and travel throughout Afghanistan. Visas are required for both the countries but I am not sure if visa for Pakistan is issued to travel in all the four provinces, so it is advisable to mention the travel route prior to applying for Pakistan visa, which normally is Punjab and Khyber Pukhtunkhwa.

  3. Thanks for your comments, guys! I'll have the questioner read them :)

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  6. It's possible to cross punch Wagah border simply by ft . received from Delhi, Chandigarh as well as Amristar for you to input Lahore, Pakistan after which it take daewoo shuttle bus support from Lahore for you to Peshawar as well as later on take a taxi cab from Peshawar till Torkham for you to get into Afghanistan as well as from Torkham border take a pickup's cab to travel Jalalabad (nearest) subsequently Kabul as well as journey in the course of Afghanistan. Visas are needed pertaining to both places but I am uncertain in case visa pertaining to Pakistan will be issued to travel in all the some provinces, so you should speak about the journey path just before getting Pakistan visa, that typically will be Punjab as well as Khyber Pukhtunkhwa.

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