Saturday, November 17, 2012

Photos (Messages) of Israel's Attacks on Palestine, November 2012

If what Israel is doing to Palestinians isn't terrorism, then I don't know what is. The politicization of death--murder--is unacceptable. It's no longer funny that we support some terrorism (i.e., when we fund it ourselves!) but not all. It's remarkable that children--CHILDREN, for God's sake, not terrorists!!!--are being killed, and the media makes it seem as if Israel is killing only terrorists! I was just reading some random headlines ... shaking my head the entire time, to almost each one. No, ignorants - Israel isn't fighting terrorists; it's killing innocent people who are victims of Israel's terrorism! 

As humans, as one human race, we need to accept responsibility for these war crimes and, at the very least, to speak against it. But yesterday, I overheard two students at my university talking about this. One was standing against Israel's war on Palestinians and the other was completely for it. His reason? "Look, I'm not saying Israel is entirely innocent, but neither is Palestine. We gotta get rid of the terrorists." I felt too numb, as much as I was dying to intervene and comment as well.

Terrorists? Really? In just the last couple of days, Israel has murdered over 221 Palestinians (all civilians!); 3 Israelis have been killed as well. And the 3 Israelis who've been killed are NOT civilians.

I'm compiling some photos I find powerful that I hope teach us all something. Again, if this isn't terrorism, I don't know what is. I understand that some of these images might be "graphic," but what else can a person due but to appeal to your sense of humanity. I'll add more as I come across them. Feel free to share your own ones if you'd like.

Gaza on fire. November 2012. Atatcked by Israel.

A beautiful and important reminder. Not all Jews are anti-love!

One of the many fathers who lost an infant (terrorist much?)

A reminder of our moral responsibility. What are YOU doing?

No, seriously.

SubhanAllah! Yes!

(Posted 1 day ago according to Google Images)
(Posted 1 day ago, according to Google Images)
God be with you, Gaza - humans are too afraid to speak the truth.
Smoke rises from Gaza 

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