Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pashtun Nationalism Online - Part II: Bibliography

In the last post, I talked briefly about the phenomenon of Pashtun nationalism online and why I'm studying it now. Here, I'm going to compile a list of Pashtun Nationalist blogs and/or discussion forums with discussions on Pashtun nationalism. My observation has been that all of the Pashtun forums have been run and dominated by nationalists, and there's little to no tolerance of anti-nationalist sentiments. I'm sure/hope that I am wrong, but everyone's welcome to correct me if there experiences have been different.

Note that this is not a comprehensive bibliography; it is under construction and will be for a long, long time, I imagine. You are welcome to share whatever else you know of.

Pashtun Nationalist Blogs

Azad Pashtun


Pir Rokhan

Pukhtunkhwa Times

(to be continued)

Articles on Pashtun Nationalism

Afghanistan and Pakistan: The Question of Pashtun Nationalism? by Amin Saikal

Cultural Histories of Pashtun Nationalism, Public Participation, and Social Inequity in Monarchic Afghanistan, 1905-1960 by James Caron 

In Defense of Pakhtun Nationalism  by Jan Assakzai

Inside Afghanistan and Pakistan: Political Connection, Pashtun Nationalism, and the Taliban

Pashtun Nationalism 

Pashtun Tribalism and Ethnic Nationalism, by Arturo G. Munoz (PDF)

Political Autonomy for Pashtuns by Pir Rokhan

Taliban: An Anathema to Pashtun Nationalism by Ali Arqam

War on Terror, Taliban, and Pashtun Nationalists by Shaheen Buneri

Washington Diary: Pashtun Nationalism by Dr. Manzur Ejaz

(to be continued)

Online Discussions on Pashtun Nationalism

Accept Pakhtunkhwa or Move to Punjab

Afghan Nationalism, Islamic Nationalism/Fascism, and Pashtun Nationalism

Afghan Nationalism vs. Pashtun Nationalism

Afghanistan vs. Pakistani Pashtuns

Demand for United Pashtunkhwa

Does Pakhtun Nationalism Have Intellectual Foundation?

The End of Nationalism: Why Pakistan, Afghanistan, and all other nationalist states must go

Evolution and Pashtun Nationalism

Pashtun Tribal Nationalism

Taliban Are Pashtoon Nationalists and Anti-Imperialist

What Do You Support and Why? 

Why Reunite the Pashtuns?

(to be continued)

Youtube Videos/Channels about Pashtun Nationalism

Pashtun Nationalism, Pashtun Pride

(to be continued)

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