Sunday, September 4, 2011

Feminist Response to Beyonce's "[Girls] Run the World"

Definitely worth watching. I'm often critical of singers like Beyonce and Shakira, especially their dance moves while claiming to be fighting for women's rights/liberation, and the speaker in this video says pretty much much of what I'd say. Only, this one is a specific case of the song "Run the World (Girls)." If you haven't watched or heard the song yet, do so so you see what this girl is criticizing and why. But other than that, the song isn't worth a watch or a listen at all -- like most of Beyonce's songs.

Sure, Beyonce and other singers don't always write their own lyrics (it is, however, more common for singers to write their own lyrics in the west than it is in the east), but they do represent the "most important" part of the song: they play them; they perform them; they sing them! Their roles are thus more prominent than the roles of, say, the musicians, the music/song directors, and everyone else who has a role, minor or major, in completing the song.



  1. Most women listen to the song for the beats and most men will watch the video for the women. The music industry knows what consumers want, and it isn't feminism, sadly.

  2. Hi there! Welcome to my blog, and thank you very much for your insight! You're right - it's true, sadly, that almost all of our music caters to men's needs ... and we listen to it for the beat or the women. :S

  3. Food for thought: What if a woman finds proactive lyrics and sexy clothing as liberating? What if wearing a mini dress, high heels, and red lipstick is a woman's way of saying who gives a f*ck in a society that expects to cover up and call the least bit of attention to herself?
    I find it sad that everything a woman does or wears eventually goes back men's expectations.
    If a woman does a Playboy photo shoot then she is a whore...if a woman wears the burka then she is oppressed.
    What do you think?

  4. Hello there, Anonymous! And thank you very much for your comment :)
    I completely agree with you that we're quick to assume that whatever a woman's doing it, it's either because she wants to please a man or because she's being forced by him to be that way. It's as if the woman's life revolves around a man, as though she can't do something just because she "wants" to do it wholeheartedly.

    Friends and I were having a discussion about the hijab and how it's ALWAYS about how 1) sisters, wear the hijab because that raises your chances of finding a good Muslim (marriage) partner; men will respect you more! 2) you won't be raped, etc., etc. But the girls were like, "No one cares that I might want to cover my hair because it's my way of feeling closer to God and my way of attaining piety. Or that I just 'want' to because I like it and feel better with it on that off."

    So, yes, what if a woman feels more liberated with a mini-skirt and high heels and red lipstick? Who's to say she's actually oppressed?


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