Sunday, May 1, 2011

Osama Bin Laden is Dead?!

Like, Oh. Em. Gee. I don't believe it -- at ALL! I mean, c'mon. Either he was dead eons ago (imagine: America's search for him since 2001 .... a little over 11 years later, and the guy finally falls dead? Naaah!), or this is all a scam.My first response when I heard about it was a laughter. Really. He cannot be dead. He's too powerful to die. I can almost guarantee something very precious to me (anything but my niece, k?) that a few months or years later, the media will be required to retract its word.

My main question remains, though: Why did it take us this long to finally kill him? What was different about today that made it possible for Bin Laden to be killed today and not 10 years ago, or not 5 years ago? And, ahhhh ... how to ignore the millions of people we have killed in the process of seeking Bin Laden? But, hey, at least now we can't be going around killing innocent children and mothers and fathers and elders and other humans with the excuse that we intended to kill Bin Laden instead, right? Wrong. We're going to need another Bin Laden now. I wonder who it shall be.

Importantly, the more I read into the media these days, the more I start to notice that this is not a war against a particular individual or terrorist; it's a war against a people. And we all know who they are. I mean, pause for a moment and ask yourself why only a particular group of people are always being killed and why only this one particular force is always in charge. Why? Who put them in charge? And why is it that this particular force has a particular ideological, religious, political, and social system -- one that completely opposes the system of its victim? I don't think I need to speak more about this. But do do a little thinking about it, and it'll start to make sense. Well, me, I started realizing this in 2006 after they killed Saddam Hussain, but each time something else happens, I want to laugh at the fact that few actually realize who's playing this game and how it's won.

k, I got work to finish, so more on this another time.

For now, let's hope that we don't see people burning cars and homes and themselves and others in celebration or in protest of this killing, assuming Bin Laden is really dead. But remember: we'll be having another Osama bin Laden soon. Very, very soon. In the mean time, enjoy.

P.S. Who saw this? :p "Obama" bin Laden is dead, according to NPR! Teehee? No. Not funny at all. Fortunately, they fixed the error almost instantly, 'cause when I went to re-check it, it no longer read "Obama bin Laden" but "Osama bin Laden." 


  1. it's true, the earlier was a rumour, this time apparently they have had DNA checks and the whole lot, and Obama's made a sunday night announcement too. You raise a good point though, how come they didnt get him before? I knew he was right under their nose all this time, and he wasn't found in a cave either, he was in a mansion outside Islamabad, like come on! Obviously they were done with him, he wasn' needed anymore, so off with his head!

  2. Exactly, Hina! He just maybe wasn't needed any longer ... or something. 'Cause why else now?

  3. I mean, a country that really is unarguably the most powerful country in the world and lacks virtually nothing wasn't capable of finding just *one* individual? And if the intentions were really as sincere as we've been fooled into believing, he really would've been killed long before. But I completely doubt they wanted to kill him because of 9/11 and the millions of people whose lives have been destroyed because of him, whether directly or indirectly.

    Ugh! How it angers me that so, so many people had to be killed at the expense of this one person! But alas, he's dead (if really at all; I don't believe it still!).

  4. i suppose pakistan recieved intelligence that amreeka was about to do something bad to them, so they got Osama for them to get on their good side. Qurbani ka bakra :P

  5. LOL. That would make perfect sense, actually, Hinoo ;)

  6. You guys are funny.. Everything is a conspiracy these days, huh? lol

  7. lol! :D Na, it actually always was. And it remains so.

  8. almostclever, we can't help but be cynical. compare osama to saddam, saddam's beginning to end was all on record, even his retrieval from the hole in the ground, and here we dont even have a picture of his coffin let alone his face. They didn't wait very long to throw him in the sea either. And seeing the compound (mansion) he was in, he could have easily been caught alive and put to trial, but no. So, there are many reasons why we can't blame the majority of the world for being cynical. Dead or alive, real or fake, it's good riddance of the name Osama Bin Laden.

  9. so, I'm too cynical to look into further myself, but did they at least bother explaining why they threw his body into the sea and not let those who wanted him dead or alive experience the beauty and pleasure of seeing him killed with bruises all over his body, preferably even a limb or two missing? I mean, why not, right? I would've loved to see that, damnit! But, nooo, they had to deny me that pleasure and throw his "dead" body in the sea. Please explain to me, someone, why I should believe any of this. What, because Obama announced himself that Bin Laden is dead? hah. I'm not convinced.


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