Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami 2011: 'Cause they're not Muslims. Yeah.

Da chaa kara da sko uba na yee, ao da cha kara tsunamyane yee (some don't have water for drinking while others have tusamis!!!). One of the terrifying and disturbing mysteries of life, I suppose.

I have no words for what's going on there. The fear in the people's eyes, the beatings of the hearts of those doing the recording of some videos here and there, the screams of some and the silence of the ones standing right in the face of death ... it's destructive. My heart goes out to all those being affected and all those who will be affected. This is their Hour, the day/moment when everything is destroyed. I never personally believed that the entire world would end at the same time, the way that traditional Islam suggests. I believe that this is how it happens. Pakistan went through it a few months ago (July 2010)-- and, by the way, the destruction caused by the floods there were worse than that caused by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2005 Pakistani earthquake, and the 2010 Haiti earthquake combined! And over 20 million people were displaced, killed, or gone missing. It's a pity it didn't get as much coverage. For more information on the floods in this cursed part of the world, please see "UNHCR - Six months on, flood-displaced Pakistanis return home to reconstruct," and, for shocking information and statistics, please click here.)

But this post is about Japan, so lemme stay focused for a while. Really, God have mercy on them and on the rest of us. Times like these, I really wonder what the point of life is if it's gonna end like this for so many of us. What I honestly find even more disturbing is these arrogant little bastards going around saying this is a warning for the "unbelievers" or that Japan deserves it. What the HELL???!!! Who deserves this! And what do you say when your turn comes, damnit?! Surely, you're too Muslim, too good, too good of a believer for this to happen to you or anyone you care about, right? Wrong. Pakistan is over 90 (95?)% Muslim, and look what's been happening there. Oh, I forgot - they are not "true" Muslims like you, and so they deserved it, too. Really, I honestly wanna punch the person who spreads this nonsense. Do we really have a reason or the time to be saying this kind of things? Go to hell with this backward philosophy of yours, k. And so what if this is happening because they're not Muslim? Like Pakistan's case proves, no country, no nation, no people, no person will EVER be "Muslim" enough for us, so what kind of a justification is this? And let's suppose that this is a valid justification -- so damn what?! What are you gonna do, send Zakir Naik over to them so he can do his proselytizing work there and "convert" them?

And a lesson for the rest of the world?! Dude, WHAT have we learned from ALL the natural disasters of the world since the creation of the world? :| Absolutely nothing, right? So then? What exactly is our reason for thinking this is a "sign"?

I am so sorry that I live in a world with people who value such ideas. And I'm terrified for the ones who are dying while I sit here and write about it . . . God have mercy on you, Japan. If there's any mercy left in God at all.
k, folks, with this crestfallen heart of mine, I'mna gonna go to my closet and reflect on life -- and try to figure out a way to help fix the minds of backward peeps who think Japan got a tsunami because it's not Muslim. I'm too disturbed to do anything else.


  1. you are a rude person.Your sarcasm is not appreciated.

  2. Sup, anonymous! Welcome to my blog, and thank you very much for your comment!

    Hmmm... I was not being sarcastic when I said "it's cause they're not Muslims," if that's what you're referring to :D I was quoting a certain class of Muslims who believe that. Sorry you interpreted it as my attempt to be rude :O

  3. It moved Japan 8 ft! It also knocked the earth 4 inches off of it's original axis. California is due next. We are actually overdue.

  4. Wow :S That's some scary stuff!! I didn't wanna watch the news because, y'know, I feel like I don't watch it, then it's not happening :) But looks like it is happening anyway, dmanit!

  5. It's so enraging when I hear people say these kind of heartless and cruel things. I remember a non-Muslim "friend" of mine said the same thing about hurricane Katrina and how the city was being "punished" for being so "corrupt." I was beyond appalled at that comment. I heard similar things said by fellow Muslims at my MSA.

    May Allah protect the people of Japan through this terrible disaster. I came across a post that showed racist things people were saying about Japan (that they "deserved it" because of Pearl Harbor). Also, CNBC's Larry Kudlow recently said that we should be "grateful" for the death toll in Japan because it helps the economy. That man has no soul.


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