Sunday, October 24, 2010

On the Periphery of Eruption

They try to extinguish these candles of passion
And disturb my ebullience.
They try to silence my thoughts and stultify my valor.
Do they wish I become one of them –
Burn in the rages of ennui and be damned to perdition?
But how am I to relinquish this dwelling of learning?
How must I shun this faith I have descried?
Must I continue reconnoitering new vistas while they regress,
Or must I capitulate to their baleful despise?
Ahhh! How the emollient whispers of each candle compel me
To reject these scathing overtures of a folk unlettered!
I lie here befuddled:
Why seek the approbation of
A people outside my realm of understanding? 
But I must welcome their flagging adoration!    
For, if pondering makes me a miscreant, then a miscreant I shall be!
And I must resist
Until the last candle of passion has consumed itself.
I am but a dauntless soul,
A circumspect acolyte of reason
Learning under the aegis of my teachers,
While caged in a society distended with sanctimony! 

~ Qrratugai, October 24th 2010

Persistence is the only thing that keeps you going.


  1. Beautifully expressed and well written ...enjoyed the questioning as well as the quiet confidence of being able to stand up for what one believes in..with dignity. :) God bless!

  2. Thanks, Saanj Jee!
    Bless you too, Jaan!

  3. LOL. This poem just made me laugh so hard.... Gosh, all that vocabulary! That's what GRE studying did to me! The best way to remember the words was to write poems using them, laaawl!!!


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