Saturday, October 16, 2010

My New Blog :D

YAY! I got a new blog now! I am still gonna keep this Qrratugai one, of course. The other's one just going to have academic themes only, and my audience will include scholars in Islamic studies, gender studies, ethnography, and other academic interests of mine. And I'm going to be posting all things related to gender and Islam there!!

The link to it is: Islam and Gender
Sorry I couldn't think of a more interesting title or link. But no worries: We can change the link any time we like, so if you've got better suggestions, lemme knooooooow, or don't complain.


- Qrratugai


  1. Mabrook, and I shall check out the new place presently. In the meanwhile, as housewarming presentations, here's some traditional Kashmiri firni. *hands over chilled dish*

  2. Hi, Ms. Kashmir! :D Thank you, thank you too much!

    The firni was dellllicious! ;) Here, here's a Pashtun-style one!


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