Sunday, September 21, 2014

Photos of Eid-ul-Fitr (Little Eid) in Oman

On Eid day, I wrote about what Eid and Ramadhan are like in Oman - but the post was pretty much photo-less. So here are some pics.

Breakfast at some host relatives


Lunch at 11! Eid lunch

A kiddie dressed up for Eid

Guests, children, family

People being people!

Becuzzz she was a cutie pie

Later in the day, we visited the host family's friends somewhere far away. Their ceiling

Yeah, my obsession with Omani houses

Sultan Qaboos (the ... ruler)

Host bro!! He was adorable! I miss him.

Host brother being himself

The sacrifice ... atlar?!!! Omanis sacrifice animals on Little Eid, too. They made sure to do it at a time we could join :)

Host daddy sharpening the knife to sacrifice the animals with

Poor thing ...

Being forced onto the altar. Oh, it knew it was about to be killed...

Then they served us tea after the disturbing experience of watching an animal be killed in front of our eyes

The meatzz from the two animals killed (I didn't take photos of the second one cuz too sad)

Then some of the meat is cooked in a communal underground oven for a couple of days. Delish stuff.

The underground oven

Men cooking some of the meat  the whole neighborhood/most relatives nearby are involved in the meat-preparing process)


Getting the oven ready for some of the other meat

They just finished putting all the neighbors' meat in this oven. Rushing to close it asap becuz I think it explodes? Not sure

Covering it up

Almost all covered up

Now using dust to finish covering it up

Yeah, basically done.

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