Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Why Blogging Feels Wonderful - a note of appreciation to my blog readers

Sometimes, when I can't sleep, I lie in bed thinking about things like the following.

 There's something precious about blogging. Of course, like all other humans, I have my days and my moments when I'm feeling low and other moments when I'm not feeling so low (high? k, lolz. no). So I'm not always the nicest person to people who talk to me, but there's one thing I can never not appreciate, and that is comments, responses, messages, emails from people who read my blog. And, of course, let's face it - the kind comments always make us feel better than the not-so-kind ones do :) Who doesn't like to be told they're touching someone's lives in some way or another, right? So when I receive a message from a blog reader, I always find this urge in me to stop everything I'm doing and to respond to that message instead. 

There's something beautiful about blogging. No, let me correct myself. There's everything beautiful about blogging. Including the criticism that generates from some of those views and attitudes we express that some of our readers and other people around us don't find agreeable. But that's okay. It's a good sign when that happens. The best part, though, is when someone who doesn't agree with what you're doing or saying, who doesn't even like what you're doing or saying still respects your right to say/do it and still respects you. I have a lot of such readers, and I would like for them all to know that they mean something to me. Their insight, their comments, their kindness, their generosity, their praises, their criticism - it all inspires me to blog again and again. Many a times, I've written a blog post only because I was asked by someone to do so. 

There's something beautiful about touching people's lives. I cannot claim to be doing this a lot, but there are those moments when I get a message or email from a reader who opens up to me. It is the most beautiful feeling in the world. I don't think I've experienced anything more beautiful than that. (Okay, fine - other than my little nephews and nieces and their adorableness. SO much MWAHS to them, ya Allah!!!)

There's something, everything beautiful about blogging, about writing, about thinking, about expressing yourself, about being read, about learning, about educating, about communicating things you find valuable to others. Sure, you make an enemy or two on the way, but that's nothing in the face the many friends and supporters you end up making as well.

Blogging makes life worth living for me. I look forward to it, I get excited thinking about the next topic I'll take up and write about, I enjoy being observant about everything around me to draw inspiration from whatever I can. I enjoy the stress that comes with writing about overwhelming topics--because there's sometimes nothing better than the relief that comes after the task is over.

In short, I love my readers because their readership and their knowledge, support, and insight pushes me to continue blogging. Without them, I wouldn't be blogging as much as I do, and without them, I wouldn't feel as empowered as I do. So, much, much thanks to you all! May the god/God you believe in, or any other Higher Power, bless you in every way! And if you don't believe in any, may you always find happiness and love wherever you go. Aaameen.


  1. There's everything beautiful about your blogging.

    1. OMG - that's so kind and sweet of you to say, Arif!! Thank you!

  2. Congratulations on this great blog Qrratugai, helped me a lot in understanding the issues from a Pashtun perspective. I would love to hear your opinion on TTP specifically with the news going round that a nation-wide operation is imminent - perhaps you can dwell on this in detail?

    Thanks (Sorry for writing this in an unrelated thread, didn't find a post dealing with the subject matter)

    PS: for some strange reason it took me some 6 tries to get this comment published.

    1. Hi, Randombyt,
      Thanks for your comment. And I'm sorry to hear you had complications submitting the comment. I'm really not sure why Blogger does that to people. I can imagine how annoying it must be.

      I tend to avoid writing about politics, especially Pakistani politics, and that's because I am not well-versed in it. I'll have to read up extensively on it to be able to give a response to your question. I'll think over it.

      Apologies for the late response, by the way. Just saw your comment!



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