Friday, November 8, 2013

On the Beauty of Music - and on being in an Arabic choir, yayy!!

I love music. I love all kinds of music. Eastern music in general, though, rocks my world! (Not at all a fan of English--American, British--music or poetry, and what attracts me to eastern music, besides the killer sound of the instruments, is the depth of the poetry.) I listen to a Pashto song and go crazy thinking about how deep that stuff is. Even plain old Bollywood songs are often so deep you're like where did these writers come from. I can't make up my mind over whether I love Pashto music more than Urdu or Hindi or Persian or Arabic or Turkish.

I once read this poem I now can't remember the title of or any of its lines or the poet, but it was about what the speaker experiences when listening to music. We discussed it in a class, too, and then reflected on how that same experience doesn't seem to be shared by most people around. We tend to just listen to music on our ipods and phones and most of us feel nothing doing so. There are some songs I can listen to and feel nothing but just listen because it's a fun song; there are other songs, however, that ... that make me close my eyes, shake my head while listening to it, and sing the song with passion if I'm alone.

So some of you might also know that I love singing. I can't sing just any song, though; I'm used more to Indian/Pakistani songs, and even some Pakistani songs, I have a hard time singing. I'm now trying to figure out which songs it is that I can sing easily and which I can't. For example, in the songs below, the first one I can't sing well but the second one I can. I think it has to do with the tune and the melody: if it's the same melody all throughout, I'm not going to be good at it, but if varying, then I can do it.

At any rate, I'm signing two songs with a choir in 2 weeks, inshaAllah. It's been so much fun rehearsing and all :) I intend to continue it for the rest of my life!

Have fun listening to them :) My personal favorite is the second one, which I'm singing with a chorus and not by myself or as the lead singer. The first one, I'm a lead singer for. (Ha. Ha.)

The song I'm singing completely (the whole song is sweet, but I'm singing from 5:23 onwards. It's actually longer than available here, but I can't find the longer version. Still, you get the idea!):

The song I'm in the chorus for:

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