Friday, September 6, 2013

Advice to Pukhtun men on how to treat women on social Media

By Nazrana Yusufzai, from her blog:  Advice to Pukhtun men on how to treat women- you know all these awara women on social media


Brother, try to look smart, handsome, make sure your degree don’t come out of the closet- keep your learning-proof brain away of such infections.

Make sure you tell every woman every second of your life how much you respect a woman; this will bring you many women friends in your life. Never feel inferior to women, the feelings of male dominance that you carry from your parents’ village Pateykhan kaley is your honour and dignity.  Feeling equal to woman should not be an option- that is like shaving your chest hairs with piecing knife.

Try being super active on social media, stalk each and every independent, well-educated, strong-willed Pashtun girl, sometimes talking to two or three friends in the same tone as that of a lover. It works to be more popular among the whole group.

Make sure your sister doesn’t use twitter. She belongs to a respectful family. All women on Facebook are just, you know, kharabi khazi [sluts].

The main goal is to criticize women for whatever they do and say and for whatever they don’t say or do. If she talks, tell her she’s too talkative and needs to shut up. If she doesn’t talk, tell her she’s submissive and quiet and needs to speak up for herself.  And don’t forget, when she does finally stand up for herself, tell her she has an attitude and is a bitch. Remind her that all she needs in life is a husband to bring her back to her Pukhtun senses. Keep your life goal in mind, which is to make every strong-willed and educated Pukhtun woman’s life on social media hell. Pukhtun women don’t belong on social media and they should keep this in mind, you know.

 You should be arrogant and have a higher ego than Mount Everest, not a problem if you cant handle it when you lose your argument. Scream like crazy and tell her she has forgotten her roots.
Flirt with them any chance you get but do not marry her! I repeat brothers: DO NOT MARRY HER! Where is your pukhtuniyat if you are going to marry such bitches who speak up on social media? They insult you and me each time they open their mouth in the name of intelligence. It’s not intelligence my brothers, it is a dishonour to us all!

Never forget to share the sexist jokes around. Mock them as much as possible but remember to do it with some humour so that people think you’re just playing around. Believe me brothers, they are so stupid they think you’re just playing around just because you told them you are! Women are stupid and ignorant and should always be reminded that they are inferior to us. Today’s women think they are better than us! It helps when you quote God even if you’ve to lie. We’ve a lesson to teach these awara khazi and it’s our god-given right to put them in their rightful natural place. 

If you forget these pointers the next time you’re on social media, just be sure to obey the main rule: social media belongs to us, men, it is not a place for women. What Pukhtun women need to understand is that this is for their own good; we are only trying to protect them. To keep them away, make fun of them, tease them, harass them, stalk them, fight with them, criticize them. If you find this to be your weakness, just remember my brothers: would you want your sister, your precious honour and property, to be on social media speaking for herself? That’s a slap in our honorable faces! Nowhere in Pukhtun history has this ever happened before and it is our responsibility to make sure it stays like this. Our traditions are at stake here, brothers. Fight them bitches and whores on social media if you have any ghairat!

God save us all from such whores.

             By a clean-shaved Mullah


  1. Intimidating, brutal but honest. I loved reading it. One thing though, I believe bulk of the Pashtun men reading it will feel deeply resented and might as well turn even worse- reactive..But then., that might be your way of spreading awareness., by slapping them right on the face. LOLs. Enjoyed it. Best Luck

    1. lol. Thanks for your comment, Anonnie! A lot of them did feel upset after reading this, but there were others who felt like this was a mirror and they realized they needed to change their thinking/attitude. The ones who were intimidated are the ones this post is about! :)

  2. LOLOMG!!!!! SO TRUE!! A slap in the face of all those mullah hypocrites!

  3. this was soooo fun to read!! those creepy mullahs on twitter must be crying to death =) Funny name BTW =) qrratugai!


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