Saturday, June 15, 2013

Morocco Journal - Part 4: Eating Snails

So, last week, host momma H., American roommate L., host sister N., and I went out to take a look around the city, window shopping and trying to remember where what is so that when we start our shopping, we'd know where to go. We saw lots of cool stuff and people, and all except me did something cool to: they ate snails. 

Note: In some parts of the Muslim world and in certain schools of Islamic law (e.g., Hanafi) snails are considered haraam or forbidden to eat, so if you're the type of Muslim who likes to declare everything haraam, continue reading at your own risk. Otherwise, please view on, folks!

It's a common thing here to eat snails, which I didn't know about so I was shocked (I know - I need to travel more often), but it wasn't anything new for my roommie who has eaten snails before in the U.S., too. 3-year-old N. (my little host sister) loooooves snails, too :D

Also, snails are very healthy for you. For example, they "provide a hefty dose of protein, little carbohydrate and some fat. Snails also serve as an excellent source of iron and other essential minerals, such as potassium and phosphorus." Google "how are snails healthy?" or click here for more reasons.

But when I was asked to try it, I was like noooo. I really couldn't! I've never done it before, and I hate snails in general so I was like, na, I can't do it. But they had me try the snail soup, which, too, is very health for you, and me being me took only one sip and the entire week was then tasting and smelling snails in anything I was eating. So never doing that again. And to think I kept seeing cars of snails-sellers everywhere I went after that...

Now on to some photos!

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Little N. eating her little snails!

The snails

The snails and the soup

See the snails?

Little N. again!


  1. Yummmmmmmmmm...It's funny how you started noticing all the snail salesmen after this experience.

  2. Do you eat the shell or the snail inside? Just curious

    1. The shell isn't edible, so, as with all other shelled-animals/fish, you don't eat the shell, just the meat.


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