Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pakistani Lesbian Couple Marries in the UK

I'm very happy to share this news as widely as possible! I wish the couple a lifetime of much peace, security, and love! They need it no less or more than anyone else does. As one of my most favorite quotes of all times reads, "Life is difficult as it is, and so when a person can find someone who can help them live this life as comfortably as possible for them, I'm all for it, regardless of their religion, gender, race, color, background, etc."

Indeed, a life companion need not be someone the society approves of so long as you can imagine yourself happily spending as much of your life with as possible.

Peace be upon us all!

P.S. As usual, I'd caution against reading the comments under the link of the article (provided below); they might have the power to disturb you and ruin your day if you let them.

Now ... the article is as pasted below.
Two former students from Pakistan are believed to have become the first Muslim lesbian couple to marry in a civil ceremony in Britain.

Rehana Kausar, 34, and Sobia Kamar, 29, took their vows at a registry office in Leeds earlier this month before immediately applying for political asylum, it was claimed.

Relatives of the couple said the women, who studied in Birmingham, had received death threats both in the UK and from opponents in their native Pakistan, where homosexual relations are illegal.
During the ceremony the couple reportedly told the registrar that they had met three years ago while studying business and health care management at Birmingham, having travelled to the country on student visas, and had been living together in South Yorkshire for about a year.
Ms Kausar, originally from Lahore, also holds a master’s degree in economics from Punjab University.
“This country allows us rights and it’s a very personal decision that we have taken. It’s no one’s business as to what we do with our personal lives,” she was quoted as telling the Birmingham-based Sunday Mercury newspaper.
“The problem with Pakistan is that everyone believes he is in charge of other people lives and can best decide about the morals of others but that’s not the right approach. We are in this state because of our clergy, who have hijacked our society, which was once tolerant and respected individuals’ freedoms.”
Homosexual sex is illegal under Pakistani law. There are also no laws prohibiting discrimination or harassment on the basis of sexual orientation.
In recent years in Britain, some Muslim gay and lesbian couples have opted for a nikah, an Islamic matrimonial contract, which is officially the reserve of heterosexuals. These services, conducted in Arabic with additional duas – prayers – are not recognised in the UK unless accompanied by a civil ceremony. Homosexuality is strictly forbidden in the Islamic faith and the notion of same-sex marriage is abhorrent to many Muslims.

A relative of one of the women told the Sunday Mercury: “The couple did not have an Islamic marriage ceremony, known as a nikah, as they could not find an imam to conduct what would have been a controversial ceremony. They have been very brave throughout as our religion does not condone homosexuality. The couple have had their lives threatened both here and in Pakistan and there is no way they could ever return there.”

Ruth Hunt, deputy chief executive for Stonewall, said: “There is a very cautious step towards social visibility for some gay men in Pakistan but lesbians are completely invisible. Pakistan is not necessarily a safe place for couples to be open about their love.”
The Home Office said it was unable to confirm any details about their political asylum request.


  1. Hahaha I am sorry if my unstoppable laughter is annoying but tbh this story qualifies a follow on for another 2-3 years till these newly married couple (?) gets their citizenship. But the reality is quite obvious; one of my class mate who completed his BSc from trinity college in Ireland and his MSc in medical biochem from Notingham uni started to sell corn (Chaney ) coz even after four years of struggle to find a job, failed to earn livelihoods for his wife and kids. So instead of getting suisidal it's better to find another option. The reason I laughed is that Allah is the Altimate Raziq and it needs to be well understood.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, UW! Appreciated!

      I don't think it's fair at all to immediately conclude that this must be for citizenship purposes. But if it is for such a reason, I find nothing wrong with that, either. Heterosexual couples marry for such purposes ALL the time--why can't homosexuals?

      But it shouldn't be difficult for us to imagine that at least "perhaps," this is real, that this is genuine, legitimate. I think it's very telling of us to instantly assume what the reasons might be.

      As for your last statement, Allah is certainly the ultimate raziq--but that doesn't mean you just sit around chilling and God will provide for you. According to Qur'anic verse 13:11, "God does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves." So we're still supposed to be trying to get where we need to get and not expect God to do it all for us just because God is all-powerful.

      So, yeah, I wouldn't assume anything, but I understand the idea of homosexuality doesn't go well with orthodox/traditional-oriented Muslims.


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