Friday, January 27, 2012


It always feels beautiful to be happy!! :) I have no specific reason to be happy right now, but I've been looking through my files and seeing Kashmala's videos and laughing so hard my body still hurts! God I LOVE her!!! She is THE most beautiful thing ever created. Take a look, y'all:

Too much adorableness, man!! Too much!! I can't take it anymore!!! MashaAllah, tf, tffff!!! Nazara na shi.

Plus, I gotta update y'all on all the cute things and phrases she's learned. EVERYthing she says and does, we all go, "Someone, get a camera! We gotta record this!" lol. And we've no idea where she's getting it all from. I'll tell you those some other time, but for now, just enjoy that video and the ones below:

So this is like a totally random post, but I'm just chilling right now, so. I think another big reason I'm so happy right now is that WE DIDN'T GET A LOT OF ARABIC HOMEWORK TONIGHT!!!! Like, that's so unbelievable it feels haraam!!! Every night, I feel like crying cause of the amount of homework we have for Arabic, which takes up much of my day and I never get to sleep at 11pm like I promised to do so before school restarted. And plus, something's happening to my memory, man, something bad ... I used to have a very sharp memory and now, I can't even find the strength to memorize this one table of awzaan (patterns - sorry, can't explain right now). I need to start memorizing poetry again ... or maybe Qur'anic verses/suras will be even better an idea. Most times, when we're studying a new grammar rule, I think of how it's used in the Qur'an, and I just remember it that way. It works like magic, and it makes me very happy and proud that the Qur'an was always made to be an important part of my life (thanks to mom ... omgosh, I miss her like crazy!!!!!). It's working out for the good in so many ways now.

I also wanna update y'all about something that's totally not important for y'all to know, but it's empowering for me as a woman. You see, I recently moved in with a friend who lives with her mother. These two women are just ... beautiful in every possible way. Her mother, as well as my friend, is such a staunch supporter of women's empowerment :D She tells me about her life, how she escaped the problems in her life, why she lives the way she does now, and why every girl, every woman must learn to stand on her own two feet and never rely on anyone else especially financially. No, she doesn't teach me to hate men. No one can teach me that, and I would never believe it's ever right to hate men. But she does share experiences of hers with me that she thinks will enrich me as a woman. These include knowing how to determine whether a man is likely to be abusive or not (I've studied some of these before, but it never hurts to be reminded and to know of more.) and whether/when the time is right to leave an abusive relationship. This reminds me - I have a post to write on those marriages that are preserved solely for the sake children when the marriage is having a horrible effect on the kids, and the mother thinks she has to stay with a sickly abusive man only because the kids need a father figure in their lives. Soon, I promise. Maybe even this weekend, eh?

k, so that's all for now, folks. I'mna go watch some more Kashmala videos and then go to sleep. G'night!


Dare to opine :)

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