Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pashtun Nationalism Online - Part III: Outline

So, this sis my potential outline for the term paper on Pashtun Nationalism. Feedback is absolutely welcome and will be appreciated!

I.                    Introduction
a.       Khushal Khan Khattak’s verse (17th century)
b.      Introduce the questions to be asked and answered
c.       Methodology and sources
II.                  History
a.       The Durand Line (1893)
b.      The creation of Pakistan (1947)
III.                The Objectives of Pashtun Nationalists
a.       Define nationalism; identify Pashtun nationalists
                                                               i.      Secular, anti-Pakistan, pro-Afghanistan/pro-independence, pro-Romanization of Pashto script, pro-Pashto
b.      Survey the different types of nationalisms (ethnic, national)
c.       Discuss the goals of Pashtun nationalists
IV.                Pashtun Nationalists’ Media
a.       The Internet
                                                               i.      Virtual communities, including Facebook
                                                             ii.      Blogs
                                                            iii.      Others?
b.      The role of the Internet in instilling a certain love and appreciation of Pashto and in “converting” some Pashtuns to nationalists
V.                  Discussion and conclusions
a.       What does it mean to be Pashtun online?
b.      Who is the “self” and the “other” in these discussions, and who decides?
c.       Other questions

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