Friday, December 31, 2010

Hope of a New Dawn

I was recently introduced to this Pakistani band called Laal. The guys are AMMMMMMAYYYYZING!!!! Each one of their songs I've heard so far has been a meaningful one -- SO touching, SO moving -- 'cause they're all for the people, you know? They sing FOR the people, they stand WITH the oppressed, they're all for freedom of speech and freedom for humanity. I feel like I just now started living!! And their videos are SO thought-provoking, tooooo! Check out the following video, for instance. It's called, in Urdu (they sing in Urdu), Umeed-e-Sahar, or "Hope of a New Dawn." They remind people that they are powerful, that they have a say in what happens. 

So, yeah, enjoy! Some of their songs have translations of their lyrics, too, so you understand why I love them and why everyone should listen to them. And they're barely 3 years old! The band was created in December 2007, what with the assassination of Pakistan's former president (female) Benazir Bhutto and the imprisonment of lawyers, journalists, writers, thinkers -- anyone who speaks the truth or stands for the truth. All of their poetry is revolutionary. I've seen this one song of theirs that's picturized in a village in Pakistan, and they have all these poor children and elders and women dancing with them, and it's SO inspiring! And, of course ... their voice is SO good it makes me CUH-RAY-ZEEEE!!!! Best of all, they're even for women's rights! (Well, of course; that's what belief in justice means, right? You can't really fight for justice without supporting and fighting for women's rights.) Interestingly enough, even though they're a leftist team (they've said it so themselves), they've been VERY well-received and are rarely criticized (if at all)! This shows that at such times, at a time when a nation is suffering in the ruthless claws of injustice, people don't care what your beliefs are; all they care about is that you help them regain their rights, that you stand with them. And that's exactly what Laal is doing: standing with those who have been denied the right to speak or get their rights. They're reminding us that we can challenge authority when the authority is the one oppressing us. They're reminding us that if we ignore our differences and unite to support each other, justice will come, and we will win. Isn't this what happened during the Iranian Revolution? Yes. It was the people -- the poor, the laborers, the oppressed, the students, the youth, the elderly -- who helped make it a success. Pakistan is definitely in need of a revolution; its people need to be awakened and reinvigorated so that they regain the strength required for a just state. I think with Laal, now that'll be possible -- and without them, impossible.

Long live Laal! God bless them infinitely! They deserve it. Heck, anyone who's for justice deserves it.


  1. loved the song!!


    happpyy newww year!!

  2. I never heard of them before, pretty good kha. Thanks for sharing!

  3. No probs, Hina Jaan!
    The guys a miracle, I tell you! Listen to their "Maine us se ye kaha" song ;) That one's written by Faiz Ahmad Faiz, I think, and they've done such a lovely job with it!

  4. Thanks, SEPO! A happy, HAPPY new year to you and your loved ones as well!


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