Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ode to the Pashtun Daughter

 O’ daughter of the unconquered land!
Reclaim your forsaken dignity with pride and glee,
For, the land now bereft of peace and justice
Is the provenance of gallantry, once land of the free

Be the goddess of your being, the queen of your mind,
And break all the yellow walls to which you are confined!

Use your acumen to know which foes you must befriend
And which of your battles you will have to fight
For rivalry is the name of your innate struggle
Which you must ascend with the use of your might

Carry with you your heavenly scent,
The beatific aura of which suits only you
Be the mirror of intellect and beauty
While your charisma shines all the way through

Clout the world with the beats of your heart,
Summoning storms with each sigh you haul,
Fight for the values your ancestors so upheld
And liberate your mind so you’ll never be a thrall

Touch everyone with your compelling presence,
And be the epitome of dignity and truth
Let the world marvel at the splendor of your essence
Like that of a mortal with perpetual youth

Enchant your beloved with the melody of your laughter
As you gift to him forbidden glances denied to the rest
And forbid the others their good night’s sleep
While you and your beloved attain your passion's crest

Tame your heart so that no man shall ever disturb you,
Lest his lust, his conceit make you his prey,
But may God rob every man of all pleasures
If he ever so dares to bring harm your way

Teach history that women live forever –
But only those who fight tempests to bring peace
So comport yourself with humility and confidence
And help your people’s suffering come to cease

Remain the goddess of your being, the queen of your mind,
And break all the yellow walls to which you are confined!

~ Me
June 4th 2010


  1. wah wah kya baat hai! zabardast! I love it :D I really want to learn more about pashtun culture, especially pashtunwali, also the traditional dances and clothes interest me :)

  2. lol ... Thank you, Sultana Jaan!
    P.S. How come you're this familiar with Pashtuns already? You live, or are from, around there or something? I'll write more posts on Pashtuns/Pashtunwali soon, ka khairee.


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