Tuesday, February 9, 2010

For the Beloved: Let the Rain Keep Reigning

Let the Rain Keep Reigning

Rain, reign over my soul
Reign until my Beloved comes home to me
Tomorrow evening.
When you spray on the world a somnolent spell
And I’m all to myself,
Immersed in my Beloved’s thoughts
Riding on the wings of His Love
Rain, reign over my soul!
My Beloved’s come Home to me!
We sit hand-in-hand by the riverside,
As you remind us with each drop of yours
The infinite reasons we live
I’m his universe, he’s mine
Love belongs to us, we belong to love
God must be pleased, for
Two separate souls have become one entity
Two sane souls have fallen insanely in love
No distance, no space between our beating hearts
No boundaries observed
For the world runs on the wheels of love,
Yet love is forbidden –
But not upon us.
No fruit is forbidden, for everything belongs to us
No need to be dressed in innocence,
No need for leaves of shame to be worn,
Because we have become One
Our Love has been immortalized,
Whispered so by the sanctity of eternal night winds,
Reign over our hearts, Rain,
Cleanse it with your drops of passion
Life has awakened two dead souls,
Riveted in passionate longing for each other
Our Heart has at last found reasons to beat
Our Lips have at last found reasons to smile
Our souls have become one
All’s well with the world
For my Beloved has come to Me.
Let the rain keep reigning over Our Soul.
Let the rain keep reigning.

~ Qrratugai
~ Feb. 7th 2010


  1. Very nice..serene....passionate....deep....full of relief....humane....excellent effort.The beloved of the subject must be a lucky person.

  2. Well...I heard a ghazal of Rehmat Shah Saail in the voice of Naeem turi...It also created a ripple effect in the still sea of my frozen emotions which are composed of the deep waters made of matematical abstraction.

    Here it is to put an end to the feelings of Autumn in the spring of February.

    ya zama gul janana ya zama gulab janana

    zama pa tol gulshan key te ye intikhab janana

    Ma sta da stargo kama kama ada lostay nada

    te ye zama da mohabbat da jwand kitab janana

    dasay pa na khabara makh zama na ma arawa

    pa mohabbat kay kho ba zra laray daryab janana

  3. Wah, wah ... sumra khe khe khabare likalee! Wai, "Dasay pa na khabara makh zama na ma arawa / pa mohabat ke kho ba zra lare daryab janana..."


  4. oooooh Que, wah wah! der kha, verrrryy passionate!

  5. Qratugai keep it up !!!!

  6. pir rokhana,THANKS! it's awesome, sure i will share it with my janan lol

  7. Thanks, folks, for your appreciation! Khwdey mo khushala saatai!


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