Friday, December 18, 2009

My Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiece!

This post won’t be anything like my previous ones, but bear with me. The last thing I will tolerate at this moment is seriousness.

Kha, so, everyone knows I’m visiting my sister, who has a son and a daughter. Let’s call the son “Khaaperay” and the daughter “Khaaperai” :D I TELL you, those names match them perfectly.
k, so, everyone also knows Khaaperay is the smartest, most intelligentest child on earth (mashAllah, mashAllah, tf tf charta nazara na shee) and that Khaaperai is going to be the next one AND is already showing herself to be a strong-headed gorgeous thing :D Wait, I have proof for this.

Doesn’t she look like she’s gonna rule the world? LOL. I mean, just look at her, world! :D

You know, I was the first person on earth she saw the moment she entered the world. Well, a few moments later. I introduced myself to her, told her who she was, talked to her of all the interesting things of this vicious yet fascinating world, taught her about feminism (JUST Kidding! :D haha, gotcha!), and so on.
And so, since I was the first person who held her in my arms and talked to her and whose eyes met mine first thing right then and there, she TOTALLY remembered me when I came to her house last week. When I was in the car, she was sleeping. For a few minutes, she remained sleeping and I was trying my tooo best to wake her up until finally she woke up … and noticed me and looked away and then blinked and then looked back my way :D :D AND guess what! She stared at me the whooooooooole time we were driving back home. I tell you, the girl was trying to figure out who I was ;) And she looked SO adorable and beautiful thinking!! She had her left thumb in her mouth and was looking at me with the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen of a child (mashallah, mashallah, nazara na shee, tf tf tf.). And when we reached a bridge with a top/ceiling (? Someone, please tell me what it’s called) over it and the sun would be hidden, she would widen her eyes to be able to see me! It was sooooooo CUUUUUUUTE, folks! From the way she was looking at me and from the way she made sure she was able to see me even in the “dark,” I concluded that she’s gonna grow up to be one hell of a determined woman, ka khairee :D And, wait, I have proof her determination too. Look at this, kha.

She wakes up in the morning, talking really loudly in a playful manner. She sings so cutely it’s impossible to ignore her. So I get up and lie next to her and then she becomes in a more playful manner and wants to keep me awake so we can play. Mind you, she wakes up at 7am. And, mind you, but I HATE waking up early (I always make sure that my earliest class isn’t before 10am. Well, I try.) And then she takes a nap for a few minutes throughout the day and thinks that the WHOLE world, including sweet innocent me, revolves around HER :S Oooh, speaking of which … some months ago, one of my sisters (not her mom) was telling her, “Khaaperai tror, stop being so cute and demanding, all right? We love you to death, but we can’t be here with you 24’7. Remember, this world doesn’t revolve around you, kha huo!” And my nephew said, “YES! This world doesn’t revolved around YOU – it revolves around ME, the ‘SUN’!” ;) hahahahaha. See?

Khaaperay saab wasn’t worth any less when he was her age. I remember we used to beg him to stop talking because, GOD, he’d talk SO much! (Akhir, khwaraye da chaa dey!) And the more my dad would tell him, “Yara, ta dessi dere khabare key. Bass ka, mara,” the more he’d continue his stories :p


And I LOVE painting her nails. When she was one week old, I painted them red. Here, I have proof.

Yesterday, I painted them kinda pink-brownish (I don't know what color it is, but it looks good, I swear). Haven't taken any pics of that.

As for my own kids, yeah, if the world leaves them to Qrratugai alone, they’re SO gonna be in the wrong hands. And so!! Our beloved Spogmai – God bless her infinitely – is going to take care of them for me :) And, of course, Khaaperai, when she grows up, is also gonna do it! I mean, I mustn’t let her get away with her ruining my precious sleep, you see! AND, let’s not forget Azad Khel brother! :D I’ll drop them over at his place and have him take care of them ;) … ok, ok, that was a joke, Azad Khela, lol.

k, for NOW, I'm done about the two most preciousest things in my life right now :)

Here's a couple more pics.


  1. Masha-Allah! da kho pa rishtya dher khkulee mashooman de aw khaperee dee, Allah de cherta da nazara na kee :)

    @Qrratugai:"I introduced myself to her, told her who she was......taught her about feminism (JUST kidding!:D hahaha, gotcha!), and so on.

    LOL!........mata pata wa che ta ba warta pa ghwagoono ke da bang pa zai hum dagha pookalee wee.......just kidding :)

    Allah de da guloona mashooman nek khwee aw saliha loy krree aw taso tole de Rab da dwee pa khwago marra krree (Ameen).

  2. @Qrratugai quoting: "As for my own kids, yeah, if the world leaves them to Qrratugai alone, they’re SO gonna be in the wrong hands. And so!! Our beloved Spogmai – God bless her infinitely – is going to take care of them for me :)"

    Qrratugai, that will be such an honor kho qassam de che da so wrazey kho me darbande zrra khog sho...Gumaan kawoom che pa dua ghainto pa dauran ke kho be de "Allaho - Peesh Pesho" kam az kam yao dwa zra perey wayalee khapairai sta na dapasa dwa chanda qrratunaka da...uff khwdaya sama khwaga da nu...
    As for your own kids...awal ba da 250 qassamoono kafara ada krrey kana (equal to 1500 fasts) bya ba da khapal kids khabara kawey..I know when you were desperately trying to put her to sleep and she was really mad and crying, I heard you repeatedly saying "I swear to God I'm never gonna have kids" lol

  3. Mashooman guloona de. As an educationalist, I sure believe that we need to give them the best start we can, and the rest, as they say is down to their Naseeb. It won't be easy for them growing up with the conflicting demands of US society (you alluded to this in your previous posting). Allah di tol Musalmanaan, Iman sara au da khusalai au da khair sara usatee khas karki zonga bachee.

    I wish I had a Pashto verse to share with you, but the opening lines to this Whitney Houston song says it all for me:

    "I believe that children are our future
    Teach them well and let them lead the way
    Show them all the beauty they possess inside
    Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
    Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be"

    Whitney Houston, Greatest Love of All

    Not sure about the nail paints Qrratugai.

  4. LOL! Khugmana, actually you know what? :P zama plaar warta baang wayaley wo. And I have proof of that, tooooo, but it's best I not show that, eh? lol.
    Manana for your duagaane.

    Spongmai! LOL! Dagha kho har kas wai, marey. You know, mothers say that too when they get frustrated with their kids :p they swear never to have any more kids. Kho then looooooo and behold, they're always wanting more! So God undertands ;)

    Still, Spogmai ba me raala hum dagha roje nase kana :p No?

    Tor Khan wrora, lol @ "not sure about the nail paints" :D Mara, lotsa people aren't sure. Kho it's not as unsafe as claimed, and you just have to make sure that the baby doesn't put the fingers in her/his mouth while the paint hasn't dried up and all. (I say "his" too because I used to paint my nephew's nails as well. We used to give him nice hair-do's too :D I have proof of that as well ;) his nice hair styles with the tail ghunte in the middle of his hair and all. Absolutely adorable and breathtaking!... I know, I know, I pity my kids, too, but then again, Spogmai will be handling them, ka khairee, so anything that's unacceptable, she'll advise me against it :P)

    I love that song by Whitney Houston. It was our graduation song in 5th grade. Beautiful lyrics and an even more beautiful and useful message. Manana for reminding us about it.

  5. Za kho ba derta da Naghmey yawey sandaraey link olikum, wawra ye......hagha da Spogmai khabara che pa "Allaho-Peesh pesho kwarey sha toto" ba de khpal zrra chawaley wee uss warta da "Lalo Sha Allaho Lalo" oowaya :)

  6. I LOVE that song, Khugmana!! Just listen to those lyrics (or read the subtitles, I mean, lol. I don't know Farsi yet.)

    Know what my favorite part in the video is? ;)W anna take a guess? lolll ... all right. I don't find it in that particular version of the video, but the one that Samar Minallah herself posted has it. Here -

    It's the part where these two babies (siblings, I suppose) are fighting over a cap. I think it's a powerful and a desperately-needed clip for the video. I'd have to watch the whole thing now to point it out exactly where it is, but I can't at the moment. Next time, ka khairee. But see it for yourself, lol. And don't call me a sexist :p I just thought it was an awesome and absolutely adorable part, and I went "awwww" for so long after watching it.

  7. And the song I sing to put my niece to sleep goes something like "peesh peshooooo-o, Allahooo-o, kware sha totoooo-o." Spogmai loves it, I think, and next time she and I are talking while I'm putting Khaaperai tror to sleep, we'll have Spogmai sing to her instead. Or play the rubab! Either would do ;)

  8. @Qrratugai:"......and next time she and I are talking while I'm putting Khaaperai tror to sleep, we'll have Spogmai sing to her instead. Or play the rubab! Either would do ;)"

    LOL!.......Okkkk.....da mashoomano sandarey khatmey shwey khabara pakey Rabab ta larra....hagha che da Qrratugai bibi wrera keda no da tajroobey kho ba prey kegee da khera :D

  9. LOL. That's right! Tajrube che pa khpale khwarzey na kau, nor ba pa chaa kau! lol.
    Anything specific you have in mind for me to try on her, Khugman wrora? lol

  10. Hahaha......come onn! that cuty is not a guinea pig; ka child aid/welfare wala darna khabar shoo kanna no kher ba dey na wee :)

  11. Alaaaa! You're talking like I test all sorts of chemicals or drugs on her or something, like I make new pills/medicine and keep her as a guinea pig for them :O tsk, tsk.

  12. Hmmmmmmmmm.

    Mashoman ka da mashriq ka da maghrib de
    da khanda au da jara andaz ye yau day.....

    You love kids so much..this is what your post whispher in ear........You made a spiritual bond with kid Khaperai inspite of kid-person mental,societal long distance....this is what i felt from your friendship with khaperai.....khaperai and shanu has soul to soul your love for humanity witnessed at zero human(infant)level..blesses..
    But when kids become your home mate(pa paalang da khato na pas:) have to sacrifies your sleep,routine,isolation(khilwat)....this is what shanu became :(:( ......marriage will force you to re-schedule your life,re-prioritize your priorities,and say good bye to bachlorism and bone fire your bacholr you hold master degree/decree(you are the master of maid(wife) in subcontent patriarchal family system...
    kids are the toys of us......we play,we amuze,we love,we care kids.....if you dont love kids...then...evaluate ur inner..something iz wrong with your humane are your human donation to society.....

    (che wara o no mula bang wakht abai pasawalo (munz la) au che bia de wara oshe no da tajodo(tahajjud)wakht da neme shpe au bia mula bang(charg bang)wakht na ba mahke paasey....(because of kids spontanious weep or cry.............
    kho bia hm mashuman khwaga de ..kho kala kala trakha she..che da doob au jawar khob na de rapasai.......

    Rehman baba wae

    ''khob khanda pa beghamai kege Rehmana
    che pa zra ye da yar gham we sa ba khob sa ba khanda ka''...
    Baba khafa na she kho dalta PLAR wae..

    ''khob khanda pa beghamai kege Rehmana
    che ye kor ke mashoman we sa ba khob sa ba aram ka....:)



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