Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Problem with the "World Hijab Day" Campaign

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The Problem with World Hijab Day


  1. I cannot believe we have a day set aside for hijab when everyday it's about hijab. We are asked to focus on nothing else but our clothing. Why not learn about a Sabbayiat Day? That's not everyday... P.S. I do hijab

    1. Thanks for reading, DL! Agreed about how we're asking to focus on nothing but our clothing! It's so frustrating, isnt it!

  2. Peer O Murshad used to tell us that half of the explanation is usually hidden in words. World Hijab Day!
    World- a place where all humans live including muslims, christians, jews, hindus, sikhs, buddhas and some who simply do not believe in the concept of any God or god.
    Hijab- seems like an arabic word, oh womens covering their faces, yes like arabs ( this is what comes in my mind)
    Day- day is for all, sunlight which everyone gets of his part.
    I mean come on February, whenever you come, you bring all the controversies like world hijab day, valentine's day and o yes a new joke in Pak the haya day and bla bla bla. I mean you were the month I was born. Seriously :(

    1. LOL @ Pakistan's Haya Day. Such a pathetic thing!! Another version of "Hijab Day" basically :S And, yes, haha - February with all its controversies.
      Thanks for your comment!

  3. Sorry to say but all the arguments show that you are confused on the issue. Will need a complete article to answer the different arguments. Anyways, regarding "Islamic feminism" there can't be any such thing. Kindly revisit the historical definition of the term feminism. It completely contradicts Islam. Its like saying "Islamic sharab" or "Islamic riba"! How is that possible?

    1. Thank you for sharing your opinion, Irfanullah!

      Of course, I disagree that there can't be such a thing as "Islamic feminist" - theres nothing haraam about feminism, and if you believe there is, I'm more than happy to suggest some sources to you to improve your understanding of the term and live in peace with yourself so you don't go around apologizing to people for THEIR believe :)

      You could, however, start here:

      Why I'm an Islamic Feminist


  4. A wonderful article! It's things like 'Hijab Day' that made me lose any respect for Hijab. I'm sick n' tired of this whole Hijab deal. It's not that I don't respect a hijabi, or that I don't support their rights and understand what they go through - I do. But there are few many out there who are working to reduce women to nothing but headscarf, so much that the so-called Hijab isn't even about proper clothing anymore, but rather a bunch of women who think covering hair is the most important aspect of religion and life. I cannot even start on the level of ignorance of Muslims as a whole, let alone on such common topics. Sadly, we have fundamentalist imams preaching all such trash on public media. I'm a practicing muslim guy. And to answer the above commenter, I completely understand the rice of Muslim feminists, and there is nothing unislamic about it. In fact, after subjugation, torture, oppression and suppression of Muslim (and other) women for centuries I feel it's their religious and human right to stand up for equality as a part of seeking justice in this world. It's quite hard for both traditional men and women to understand this, because when a bird is born in a cage, that's all the life it knows. The ideals of gender within Muslim communities have nothing to do with Islam. I wont even go into how other cultures have affected those areas, or on the non-existence of current hijab understanding in any of the previous text as a law and all that. God is totally okay with you showing your hair and arms or you wearing jeans or whatever, at least in my Islam.
    Again, good post.


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